If you are a personal/group trainer who is interested in, and has what it takes to work as a H360 coach, then we would like to hear from you. We offer great pay rates and bonuses, and we also provide you with comprehensive training that you won’t learn anywhere else. Please contact for employment opportunities.

Similarly, if you are a member who has been through the H360 program and have absolutely loved your journey and want to help others make the same positive changes that you have made in your life, then you may also like to consider becoming a H360 Coach.Please contact for more information.


If you are working as a H360 Coach and want to take your career to the next level, then you may want to consider becoming a H60 club owner. Not only is this one of the most rewarding careers available today, but there are few other roles in which you can have a greater impact on the health, happiness and fitness your entire community.

Our licensing fees are just a fraction of what the big franchises charge, yet our licensing model is far more superior in so many ways. This makes it easier than ever to start your own fitness business. It doesn’t matter how many other gyms are in your area – we have no competition as we are completely unique in what we do, so there are huge opportunities to own and operate your very own H360 centre in the suburb of your choice. We are taking applications from June 2020 onwards.Please contact express your interest and for more information.