Hi, I’m Rob, and I’m the creator of Holistic 360 (H360) – a revolutionary new health and lifestyle program designed to get you into the best shape possible – both physically and mentally.

It should come as no surprise that in general, despite living for longer, our overall state of health and wellbeing is fast declining – in what can only be defined as tsunami of physical and mental health problems plaguing society – problems which have fast become the new normal in both the young and old. Problems such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, depression, addiction and so much more.

The reality is that nothing we are doing is reversing these problems or even slowing them down, and so unless we change the way we think about & approach both physical and mental health and well-being, then I am afraid to say that the statistics are only the tips of the iceberg.
The reason why all of these problems exist is because we don’t think, let alone treat these problems holistically – instead we attempt only to treat the symptoms and ignore the underlying factors causing these problems in the first place.

‘Anything but a holistic approach is merely a band aid solution.’ – Robert Greco

First you will determine where you are on the success path, because knowing where you are at, makes it easier to determine where you are going.

The first stage of the success path is called Surviving – and this stage is where most people are at… unhappy, unhealthy and unfit. You don’t have to look far to see this with almost 80% of people living in countries such as Australia and the USAeither overweight or obese. Being overweight is often the most tell tail sign that your life is out of balance.

The second stage is calledChange Maker – and this where you start to become happy, healthy and fit.

The third stage is called Thriving – and you know you are in this stage when you are happier, healthier and fitter than you have been before.

The final stage is called Holistic Warrior and this is all about living consciously. It’s the goal of our program because it’s a place of complete balance, wellbeing and harmony.

After you have worked out where you like, then it is simply a matter of working towards progressing to the next stage by focusing your energy and attention on just 3 key areas – what you chew, what you do & living true. That’s right – just 3 key areas – it doesn’t get any simpler than.

And so, on top of attending holistic360 classes at your local studio each week, you will also focus and work on one just attribute of one of these 3 key areas.

For example, let’s say this this week one of the attributes might be Living True – LoveYourself. First you will answer a few questions to determine/assess where you are at in regards to loving yourself. Then dependent upon your answers, you will shade in up to

And then you will work on this area for the remainder of the week.

Then next week, you will focus and work on a different area – For example – this would include an attribute from What You Chew – Eat Mindfully and then you will work on this area for the remainder of the week.

Then the following week you will work on an attribute ofWhat You Do – maybe Spending Time Outdoors.

And so forth. you keep doing this until you have worked through all of the attributes one week at a time.

This is important because not only does it clearly show you where you need to most focus your time and energy on in order to live a happier, healthier fitter life, but it provides you with a clearly laid out path on how exactly to do so. Essentially, by using our success path we join all of the dots for you. This is why our trainers are not just trainers – they are Coaches.

So, as you can see, we offer a true holistic solution which focuses on the whole of you. There are many holistic solutions which may focus on a handful of these attributes which is still only pieces of the solution, but what about the rest? Well they are simply ignored – mainly because they are not even aware off, or simply do not understand what these missing attributes are, or, should be. But we do because we have spent20 years getting into the hearts and mind from people from all walks of life.

This is a huge deal – why? Because you are a whole person, changes in any one area, effects every other area of your life.

This means that all it takes is for any one of these attributes to be out of whack to completely lose balance and with that – have a negative effect on your health and wellbeing – and often in ways that you have not anticipated.

For example, let’s take the attribute of Living True – Love Yourself. Well, if you don’t truly love who you are, then the truth is that you will always struggle to feel satisfied with who you are, or anything in life, including relationships. In this way, food becomes a comfort point. You’ll also struggle with motivation because instead of your motivation coming from a place of self-care, it will come from a place of self-criticism which means you will end up self-sabotaging yourself. You will also always have trouble putting yourself first, which means you’ll always struggle to find the time and energy to work out and do all of the other things required to ever really be well – essentially everything you should be chewing and doing. Think about it – if you don’t love and care for who you are, then why would you care about your wellbeing – you wouldn’t!

And that’s just one attribute – it’s not uncommon for me to see beginners at our centre rating very low on 50 of these attributes – so you can imagine the detrimental effect this is having on their health and wellbeing. Hence the shocking physical and mental health statistics we have do today.

And so, if you truly want to live a happier, healthier, fitter life, rather than just possibly temporarily get in shape, then you have come to the right place. We look forward to helping you to helping you every step of the way.